Saturday, April 16, 2005

Onolimbu - sunken

Onolimbu, originally uploaded by Birdiez.

This looks like the soil was shaken and compacted down, putting pressure on a very high water table, which was forced up.

These buildings sank into the mud, and it looks like a new tidal flat was created from the combination of liquefaction, subsidence, a high water table, and the sea now able to spread into the area.

These are the sort of processes that create bays and lagoons. Exciting stuff.

Lateral spreading and sand boils can probably be found in the area, and I am curious to see what a full geological survey will reveal.

Onolimbu is on the eastern coast of Nias, between the two major ports of G.S to it's north, and T.D on the southern tip.

I assume it is this situation, that caused the rumor that Nias was sinking.

It isn't.

This is a common occurance, in these types of low lying areas, bordering rivers and coastlines, with soft gradular soils, in major earthquakes.

Nature's landscape artist has obviously been hard at work!

Making a new bay or lagoon in a matter of minutes ;-)

Picture taken by Rick Cameron - © 2005


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